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Rollin' Coal Trio - August 22nd 2020

Rollin' Coal Trio - August 22nd 2020

  Come in and join us on August 22nd for an evening of classic songs from the 50’s rock,
latin grooves and a sprinkle of country, reggae and blues.

Doors open at 5:30pm.
Show is from 06:00pm to 08:00pm.
Drinks and snacks available for purchase.

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 The Band:

Art Jacob is a very accomplished electric and upright bass player. He spent his early years on Canada's east coast, learning a number of styles, including bluegrass, Celtic, jazz and country. His skill as a bass player is widely renowned as one of the very best in the Okanagan.

Colin Moorman has toured Western B.C. over the years, delighting crowds with his guitar and saxophone play. Colin lives in Kelowna and teaches guitar, bass and saxophone in his spare time.

Susan Ruuska's voice was discovered around a campfire, by a local Kelowna resident who just happened to have a band, and encouraged her to pursue singing. Susan did just that, and was dubbed "a unicorn" by her vocal master class instructor, due to her unusual alto/mezzo range.